Omron PeakAir Peak Flow Meter
Omron PeakAir Peak Flow Meter

Omron PeakAir Peak Flow Meter

Brand/Manufacturer: OMRON HEALTHCARE, INC.
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Omron PeakAir Peak Flow Meter is used to measure your Peak Expiratory Flow Rate which is simply the highest speed you can blow air from your lungs. The compact design allows you to check your PEFR discreetly any time you want and assists detection of pending asthma attack. Instant readings help you track any changes in your air flow. Its dual flow range accurately measures for both adults and children.


  • Omron PeakAir Peak Flow Meter includes:
    - Peak flow meter
    - Mouthpiece
    - Instruction manual with peak flow diary
  • Aid in the early detection of an impending asthma attack
  • Provides measurement of reduced respiratory capacity such as during an allergic attack
  • Easy self-administration of the peak flow test can uncover harmful effects of air pollution and environmental and occupational hazards
  • Portable convenience
  • Colored zone markers:
    - Green: Medication is working. Go ahead with your normal activities
    - Yellow: Use caution in your activities. Refer to your action treatment plans for actions to be taken
    - Red: Medical alert. You should get immediate medical attention

More Information

  • Monitor your Peak Flow:
    - Work with your healthcare provider to establish peak flow measurements based on age, height and respiratory condition.
    - Using your peak flow meter, make sure the sliding marker or arrow is at zero.
    - Stand up straight. Take a deep breath. Put the mouthpiece into your mouth forming a tight seal. Blow out as hard and as quickly as possible.
    - Record where the marker lands along the scale. Repeat three times.
    - Circle the highest of the three results. Do not calculate an average.
    - Measure your peak flow rate close to the same time each day and consult your healthcare provider to interpret results.
  • Reading(% of best):
    If peak flow rate is

    - 80–100% of your personal best. Your asthma is under reasonably good control—continue your prescribed program of management.
    - 50–80% of your personal best. Your airways are narrowing, and you may be coughing or wheezing. Increasing your medication is recommended.
    - Less than 50% of your personal best, an indication of a medical emergency.
  • Caution:
    - When using a peak flow meter to monitor lung conditions such as asthma, the user should be under the guidance and supervision of a physician or healthcare professional for assistance in monitoring results.
    - Do not attempt to remove the colored clips once they have been attached to the PeakAir. They are designed to stay in one position, and not move.


1 year warranty

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