Posey Cufflator Endrotracheal Tube Inflator and Manometer
Posey Cufflator Endrotracheal Tube Inflator and Manometer

Posey Cufflator Endrotracheal Tube Inflator and Manometer

Brand/Manufacturer: POSEY
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Posey Cufflator Endrotracheal Tube Inflator and Manometer deflates and inflates high volume, low pressure endotracheal or tracheal cuffs. It helps to eliminate the need for syringes, electricity, or complicated connections required to check cuff pressure. Its air vent button and inflator bulb adjusts cuff pressure quickly and easily.


  • Posey Cufflator Endrotracheal Tube Inflator and Manometer comes complete with extension tube and instrument case
  • Gauge shows recommended pressure range in cm H2O
  • May be left in place for constant monitoring

More Information

  • Instructions for Use:
    - The Posey Cufflator should only be used on tracheal tubes with high-volume, low-pressure cuffs
    NOTE: The Posey Cufflator is designed only for use with air-filled cuffs. Use with saline-filled cuffs will cause damage to the unit and void the product warranty
    - Before use, the Control Inflator needs to be checked as follows:
    a. Close connecting piece with the finger
    b. Inflate with inflation bulb to 120 cm H20; value must be constant for 2-3 seconds. If the pressure drops, the device needs repair by the distributor
    c. Inspect the unit and check the cuff for leaks prior to use. Prior to intubation or extubation, withdraw all the air from the cuff with a syringe and close the inflation line
    - To properly seal:
    a. Connect the patient to the ventilator
    b. Connect the Posey Cufflator to the cuff inflation line and inflate the cuff to a pressure in the range of 60-90 cm H20. This will ensure that the cuff is in close contact with the tracheal wall
    c. Immediately release air by pressing the red button until the lowest safe cuff pressure level is reached
    d. Intra-cuff pressure should be maintained at a minimum of 20-25 cm H20 to reduce the occurrence of microaspiration1 and a maximum of 34 cm H20 to decrease the incidence of mucosal ischemia and subsequent stenosis2
    - The extension tube may be used if constant monitoring of intra-cuff pressure is desired. Connect the extension tube to the cuff inflation line and to the Posey Cufflator. Use the hook on the back of the Posey Cufflator to hang it on the headboard of the bed. The Posey Cufflator will now monitor the intra-cuff pressure continuously and can be inflated or deflated as required
    - The accuracy of the Posey Cufflator may be verified by connecting it to a mercury sphygmomanometer. Remember that the Posey Cufflator is calibrated in cm of water pressure (H20). The conversion rate is 1 mm of mercury (Hg) equals 1.36 cm water (H20). For example, the Posey Cufflator will read 20 cm H20 when the mercury sphygmomanometer reads 14.7 mmHg
    - The accuracy of measurements is + 2 cm H20 for the whole range. The Cufflator should be calibrated annually, or if measurements fall outside of this range, or If the Cufflator needle does not indicate a reading of zero when nothing is connected, or if the unit is ever dropped
  • Cleaning Instructions:
    - Wipe the surface thoroughly with an alcohol based disinfectant
    - Do not submerge the Posey Cufflator and do not autoclave
    - The Posey Cufflator face should be cleaned with a glass cleaner only
  • Storage:
    - This device is designed for use in normal indoor environments
    - This device may be stored in ambient warehouse temperatures at normal humidity levels. Avoid excess moisture or high humidity that may damage product materials

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

question image
Can this product be used in the prehospital setting with bag ventilation?
Kathy Hensley - 10/15/2015 10:53:55 AM
answer image
We checked with manufacturer and as per their clinical team they did advised the Cufflator can be used as long as the patient has an et- tube.
Customer Service - 10/17/2015 1:38:07 AM
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