Respironics Asthma Check Peak flow meter
Respironics Asthma Check Peak flow meter

Respironics Asthma Check Peak flow meter

Brand/Manufacturer: RESPIRONICS
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Respironics Asthma Check Peak Flow Meter offers the reliability of a highly accurate and portable peak flow meter due to its small, compact design. The easy-grip handle directs hands away from the airflow path and ensures accurate measurements every time. It is reliable, accurate and portable. Features three-zone management that helps compliance as this integrated system helps patient comply with treatment regiments.

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HS740-012 15.5cm L x 5.8cm W x 1.9cm H (6.1"L x 2.3"W x 0.75"H) 12/Pack $17.00


  • Respironics Asthma Check Peak Flow Meter has easy-grip handle for accurate readings
  • Color-coded indicators can be adjusted to delineate a patients green, yellow, and red zones based on personal best peak flow
  • Comfortable mouthpiece is designed to increase compliance
  • Easy-to-read scale is suitable for all ages
  • Sturdy, durable construction for peace of mind
  • Designed to be a reliable companion wherever patients go
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe, for easy maintenance
  • Meets or exceeds National Asthma Education and Prevention Program Technical Standards for peak flow meters, based on American Thoracic Society Standardization of Spirometry 1994 Update

More Information

  • How to use Asthma Check: It is easy to measure your peak flow rate with Asthma Check. Just follow these simple directions:
    1. Hold Asthma Check with your right hand by the finger grip on its side.
    2.If the indicator is not at the bottom of the scale(closest to the mouthpiece), gently slide it down into the correct starting position.
    3. A standing position is preferable, however, Asthma Check may be used while you are sitting. Inhale as deeply as possible. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth between your teeth, and seal it tightly with your lips.
    4.Exhale as quickly and completely as you can. The indicator will move up the scale. The number beside the indicator is your peak flow measurement.
    5.Torepeat this test, return the indicator to its original position by gently sliding it down to the bottom of the scale and repeat steps 3 and 4.
    6. After three readings, record the highestone with the date and time in your Daily Diary. (If your healthcare professional would like you to use the zone system, he or she will show you how to use it as part of your asthma management plan.)
  • How to maintain Asthma Check:
    - Routine Examination:
    A routine examination of Asthma Check will ensure that it is in proper working order. Make sure the meter is free of foreign objects such as food particles. The indicator and piston should move smoothly and freely. The indicator should remain in place when moved to a position on the scale. Do not use a damaged meter.
    - Clean at least once per week:
    Hand Wash:
    Warm water and a mild liquid soap should be used to clean Asthma Check. Rinse thoroughly and air dry completely prior to use.
    Dishwasher Safe: Use the top rack only. Do not boil Asthma Check.
  • Caution: Monitoring changes in your peak flow readings is important. Consult your physician or other licensed healthcare professional immediately if a change inyour peakflow readingsoccursor if youare experiencing asthma symptoms regardless of your peak flow reading. Your physician or healthcare professional will advise you how to manage your overall asthma condition.


Accuracy+/-10% or 20 L / min, whichever is greater
Reproducibility=5% or 10 L / min, whichever is greater
Interdevice Variability=10% or 20 L / min, whichever is greater
Main BodyImpact-resistant ABS plastic
ScaleHot-stamped, alcohol-resistant
Measurement Range60-880 L/min
Resolution10 L/min



1 year warranty, Asthma Check is unconditionally warranted for one full year. During the warranty period, Respironics will replace any unit that is performing unsatisfactorily for any reason, free of charge. With proper care, your peak flow meter should last at least two years.

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