Sammons Preston

Sammons Preston is a leading brand of the Patterson Medical Family that has earned its name in rehab and fitness products. It manufactures high-quality, affordable rehabilitation and therapy products like therapy putty and rolls, acrylic mirrors, portable mirrors, activity boards, ramps and tables, pegboards, colored pegs, easel, square stools, benches and many more.

Popular Products by Sammons Preston:

  1. Sammons Preston offers mobile medical stools with comfortable padded seat. These stools come with casters to easily move it from place to another and are ideal for use in the offices, clinics, and at home.
  2. Daily Foot Care Kits are of great use for people with diabetes or those who are unable to reach their feet. It allows the user to clean or apply medication to hard-to reach areas such as between toes for prevention of foot ulcerations and infections.
  3. Sammons Preston Sock Aids help those with arthritis or joint replacements put their socks and stockings on independently. They prove to be of great use for people who cannot reach their legs for putting their socks on and off.
  4. Sammons Preston Putty is used for finger and hand strengthening. When selecting occupational therapy supplies therapy putty could be a beat choice of pediatric advisors, hand rehab specialists, and other OT and PT experts. Sammons Preston offers non-toxic, super clean and latex-free putty.
  5. Sammons Preston Swivel Utensils for Independent Eating are adapted dining aids that help those with weak grasp and other hand limitations to self-feed. These swivel utensils are also used by people with disabilities such as Parkinson's disease, arthritis, post-stroke recovery, physical disabilities, poor fine-motor skills or gripping difficulties.
  6. Sammons Preston Knee Supports provides support to the patella (kneecap) and prevents further injury to the recovering knee joint.  
  7. Sammons Preston Reachers and Assistive Devices help people with hip/knee replacement surgeries to carry out daily tasks with ease and comfort while taking the recommended precautions.
  8. Sammons Preston Ice Packs are great for rehabilitating foot and knee injuries.

Performance Health is a leading in healthcare products manufacturer and distributor to the rehabilitation and sports medicine markets. Leading healthcare facilities and practitioners such as physical therapists, athletic trainers, and chiropractors, as well as direct consumers, trust them for the quality of products that they offer. Its market-leading brands, sold in over 100 countries, include TheraBand, Cramer, Sammons Preston, Rolyan etc. 

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