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Portable oxygen concentrators, also know as a POC, allow the individual using it to maintain independence and mobility Portable oxygen concentrators can provide an almost unlimited supply of oxygen to individuals who are prescribed to be on oxygen therapy for exertion, exercise or ambulation. POC's are smaller and lighter-weight than their stationary counter-parts and are made to be carried like a purse or backpack. They can be used indoors, outdoors in the car or on an airplane. POC's come in a variety of sizes, weights and oxygen liter flow settings. They run on both A/C and D/C current and come with adapters for both. Choose a POC that fits your oxygen needs and lifestyle. Portable oxygen concentrators require a prescription from your MD to dispense.

How do Portable Oxygen Concentrators work?

Portable oxygen units take in ambient air which contains nitrogen, oxygen, and other gases. Air is then filtered out through sieve beds and filters, and a medical-grade, oxygen-rich supply is passed on to the user via a nasal cannula or mask. Humidifier bottles can be used to add moisture to the oxygen supply. They resolve the problem of sore or dry nose.
You can plug portable oxygen machines into an electrical outlet or power them by a battery. They may have an internal rechargeable battery or external battery for oxygen therapy away from home. Portable concentrators may also come with a DC power cord that can be used to power the machine while driving.

Types of Portable O2 Concentrators

Portable breathing machines come in two delivery modes: Pulse dose and continuous flow. Always consult with your doctor to know which mode will work best for you.

1. Pulse Dose Oxygen Machines

Pulse dose portable concentrators are designed to offer on-demand oxygen therapy. They are based on the breathing rate of the user and deliver oxygen in doses or bursts every time you inhale. This ensures that a proper amount of oxygen is delivered depending on the activity level. Pulse dose oxygen concentrators cannot be used with CPAP or BPAP units. The EasyPulse Portable Oxygen Concentrator comes with 5 pulse dose settings whereas EasyPulse POC3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator offers 3 pulse dose settings.

2. Continuous Flow Oxygen Machines

Continuous flow portable concentrators are designed to administer oxygen supply continuously. They are recommended when an oxygen flow is required constantly and at all times. They are usually larger in size and weight as compared to pulse dose units. If required, continuous flow portable oxygen concentrators can be used with CPAP or BiPAP machines. The Inogen At Home Oxygen Concentrator provides continuous flow up to 5 liters per minute. The Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a versatile oxygen unit as it provides both continuous flow and pulse dose.

What to consider when buying Portable Units for Oxygen Therapy?

There are several important factors to consider while buying a personal oxygen concentrator:

1. Pulse Dose or Continuous Flow

First thing that you should consider is whether you need a pulsed dose or continuous flow oxygen delivery. Continuous flow delivers a steady stream of oxygen which is best suited for night time use. Pulse dose detects your breath and delivers a burst of oxygen.

2. Oxygen Flow Settings

The next important factor to consider is the oxygen flow setting. The highest setting on continuous flow POCs is up to 3 liters per minute and the highest setting on pulse dose POC is up to 6. The Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator comes with 6 pulse dose settings.

3. Portable Oxygen Machine Weight

It is also important to consider machine weight if you have an active lifestyle because portability depends a lot on weight. Lighter portable oxygen machines are easier to carry, but heavier ones usually have a longer battery life. Many POCs even come with a carrying bag or cart to improve portability.

4. Battery Backup for POC

If you don’t like to stay at home being connected to an outlet, it is important to see if your portable concentrator comes with an external battery pack. This spare battery will help you extend your outdoor hours. But when at home, you should use the electrical outlet as much as possible to minimize battery drain.

5. Concentrator Sound Level

Most of the high-quality portable oxygen concentrators are barely audible. But if you or your bed mate is noise sensitive, then you should definitely consider the sound level in your POC model.

Where to buy Portable Oxygen Machines online?

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