Nebulizers – All that you need to know!

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Reviewed by Laura Castricone, Respiratory Therapist on July 12, 2022

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Fun fact! Breathing is the most important thing for you to live. But it isn’t as easy as it was hundreds of years ago. Pollution in today’s modern world has made breathing one of the most dangerous tasks. Surprising, isn’t it? Earlier breathing problems were restricted to old people but today, respiratory ailments have become very common things. Millions of people around the world suffer from respiratory problems, and so science has worked hard enough to develop medicines and equipment that can help cure such ailments and diseases.

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What are Nebulizers?

To treat a respiratory ailment, you may be ordered by your physician to use a nebulizer with medication. A nebulizer is a hand-held device that creates a mist out of the medication that is then inhaled directly into the lungs. The medicine cup (nebulizer) is attached to a small compressor that drives air pressure into the medicine cup creating a mist that can then be inhaled via a mouthpiece or mask.

All that you need to know about Nebulizers!

How Do You Choose the Right Nebulizer?

Choosing the Right Nebulizer is very important to ensure safe treatment of the patient. Well, depending upon your needs, nebulizer is basically classified into three types, a pediatric, a travel and a basic home use nebulizer. According to the technology they use, they are divided into three types. The first being compressor nebulizers which use a compressor and are basically used in homes and in hospitals. The second is an ultrasonic nebulizer which uses ultrasonic movement to convert the medication into mist. The third type is vibrating mesh nebulizer, which uses a vibrating mesh to convert medication into mist. Choose the right one according to your own needs.

What are the components of a nebulizer?

The nebulizer system is made up of an air compressor, plastic air tubing, medicine cup, and a mask or a mouthpiece. The patient or the caregiver places the doctor-specified dose of medicine into the cup of the nebulizer. After connecting the nebulizer to the compressor by the plastic connecting hose and turning on the power to the unit, a fine mist of the medication is delivered to the patient’s lungs.

All that you need to know about Nebulization Therapy!

Which is the right one for my kid?

Pediatric nebulizers are specially made for kids who suffer from respiratory ailments. They are the same kind of nebulizers the adults use, but the only difference is that they are made in a shape that is appealing to a child. For example, there are car nebulizers and dog-shaped nebulizers.

Pediatric Nebulizers for Sale

What If I Am Always On The Move and Need A Nebulizer?

People who travel a lot should consider using portable or travel nebulizers. They are small and compact devices specially made for easy portability and storage. They do not have a heavy compressor and are very lightweight. Choose the portable nebulizer that fits you the best.

Nebulizers – All that you need to know!

I have a nebulizer but just want a component of the nebulizer. What do I do?

Nebulizer accessories and components are also available in the market and are sold separately too. Components like masks, mouthpieces, filters, carrying bags, batteries, adapters, Aerosol drainage bags and compressors are available and sold separately.

How do I clean my nebulizer?

Cleaning your nebulizer is one of the most important tasks while using one. Click on the link to read more about Cleaning your Nebulizer.

How do I use a nebulizer?

Setting up a nebulizer can be a tedious task. This article will help you learn How to Use a Nebulizer and ensure proper delivery of medication to the patient.

Nebulizers are devices that not only support your breathing but also are in direct contact with the respiratory system. Any malfunction or fault in the device can be a problematic for the user. That is why it is important to choose the right kind of nebulizer so that breathing becomes a simple and easy task.


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