About the Author: Sailaxmi Chennuru

Sailaxmi Chennuru

Hi, I am Sailaxmi Chennuru, a business management graduate who believes life is a beautiful gift to make the most of! The study of medicine has always fascinated me, especially the human anatomy and its complex structure.

My world revolves around health, fitness, and nutritious food. I firmly believe that leading a holistic lifestyle is the healthiest style of living, and as of late, I am trying to make healthy choices that not only heal my body but my mind and soul as well.

After working as a medical transcriptionist for several years, I developed a keen interest in writing health-related articles. It also provided me with a deep knowledge of geriatric treatment, which is helping me in managing the health issues of my aged parents.

I love preparing healthy and tasty food for my family. I keep a close watch on what foods we are consuming!

I am an avid traveler and love exploring the world around me, which helps me unwind, rejuvenate and spring back to the hustle and bustle of life. I have a special interest in tasting local cuisine, which is a must during my travel excursions!