Oxygen Regulators & Conservers

Oxygen regulators will allow you to adjust your liter flow from 1 to 25 liters per minute depending on the liter flow you are prescribed the model regulator you are using. There is pediatric oxygen regulators for those that need 1/32 liter flow and smaller increments. Most people on home oxygen use a oxygen regulator with 0 to 8 or 0 to 15LPM capabilities. Most emergency personnel use the 0 to 25LPM oxygen regulators so they can have the high liter flow for giving patients higher flows in emergency situations. An oxygen regulator is just that, it regulates the flow of the oxygen from the tank in order to administer the correct dose of oxygen to the patient.
Oxygen conserver regulators attach to the top of your tank and usually help your oxygen tank last about 5 times as long as with a continuous oxygen regulator at the same flow rate.
We at shop nebulizer store offers a flexible and versatile line of medical oxygen regulators in your choice of flow ranges and different body designs. All of the oxygen regulators have easily accessible flow adjustment knobs to make hassle-free flow adjustments.