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Nebulizer filters are one of the most important nebulizer accessories for your nebulizer machine. Nebulizer filters clean the air that runs through the machine, removing unwanted particles from the air. If the filter becomes clogged after prolonged use, the nebulizer machine's performance, and your nebulizer treatment, will be hindered. Failing to change the nebulizer filter can result in serious damage to your nebulizer machine. Each nebulizer machine has a specific nebulizer filter that goes with that nebulizer compressor. Be sure to check your nebulizer system's instructions to determine which filter you need.

Is Nebulizer Filter Replacement Really Important?

  • Nebulizer filter blocks all bacteria and germs from entering our airway. Replacing it on time ensures they are not passed through.
  • A clogged filter makes the compressor work harder and shortens the lifespan of the nebulizer.
  • It is important to check your nebulizer’s filter regularly regardless of lifespan of filter given by manufacturer. Change it as soon as it becomes cloudy and do not wait for the lifespan to finish.
  • Be proactive and keep replacement filters handy so that you don’t have to miss your medications.