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What is the use of Portable Nebulizer?

Portable nebulizers are compact devices that are designed for medication delivery directly into the lungs. These devices are mostly preferred by patients with active lifestyle. Since table top nebulizers do not provide the advantage of medication delivery on the go portable nebulizers offer this advantage. When patients with chronic lung diseases travel, a portable nebulizer will offer better benefits compared to inhalers. Portable nebulizers can more efficiently deliver bronchodilators and corticosteroids in these patients as the drugs are delivered directly into the lungs.

Benefits of Portable Nebulizer Machines:

  1. Portable nebulizers can be used anywhere as they do not require an electric outlet for power supply. They are powered by rechargeable batteries or disposable batteries.
  2. Lightweight and compact design gives them an advantage over table top nebulizers. Place them in your bag or a purse so it’s easy to carry them around.
  3. For patients suffering from severe asthma these nebulizers are an effective choice as they deliver the drugs directly into the lungs giving relief for a longer duration.
  4. Patients with respiratory problems like COPD, severe asthma or allergies are required to take several medications. With these handy portable nebulizers medication delivery becomes more effective.

Types of portable nebulizers

Ultrasonic Nebulizers:

In this type of nebulizers ultrasonic waves are generated by an electronic oscillator which creates vibrations in a vibrating element placed in contact with the liquid drug. The high frequency vibration of the vibrating element converts the liquid drug into mist. The mist is then inhaled by the patients and it is then directly delivered to their lungs. These nebulizers are only available as portable models. The disadvantage in this model is that the medication gets heated when it gets converted into an aerosol. This is not suitable for thermo labile drugs. Try ultrasonic nebulizers like Flyp Portable Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer for best results.

Jet Nebulizers:

Also called the atomizer, these nebulizers have a compressor that pass compressed air or oxygen into the liquid drug at high velocity which converts the liquid drug into a mist. The patient then inhales the aerosol. The only disadvantage in this model is that it makes noise while working. Try the Drive Compact Portable Compressor Nebulizer for fast and effective medication delivery.

Vibrating Mesh Technology Nebulizers

This technology uses a mesh bearing laser drilled holes vibrates on top of the liquid reservoir. The vibrations causes the liquid medicine to escape through the holes as mist. In nebulizers using vibration mesh technology the liquid drug does not get heated like the ultrasonic nebulizers and there is formation of less liquid waste. They are silent devices and are less noisy while operating.

Caring for your portable nebulizer

  1. Clean the parts of the nebulizer on regular basis, preferably after each use. Avoid dust and other particle build up on the nebulizer which might decrease its efficiency to function.
  2. Disposable nebulizing masks must be discarded after using for 5-7 times while the reusable masks can be used for 6 months.
  3. Check and change your nebulizer air filter frequently as a dirty filter will make your nebulizer wear down fast.
  4. Clean the outside of the tubing of your nebulizer
  5. Look out for cracks or leaks in the tubing as they can lead to medicine wastage.
  6. Always have extra air filters, masks and tubes in hand for emergencies.

For maximum results the nebulizer should be properly cleaned and the parts such as air filters, mouth piece, mask, and tubing should be replaced regularly.

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