Flyp Portable Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer
Flyp Portable Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer

Flyp Portable Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer

Brand/Manufacturer: FLYP
  • Non Returnable
  • FSA Approved

Flyp Portable Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer is one of the smallest portable nebulizer for asthma and COPD. It can be used to treat all the respiratory conditions that benefit from nebulization. Smaller and lighter than a smartphone, Flyp simply disappears in a pocket. This truly pocket portable nebulizer uses Hypersonic technology that makes it whisper-quiet. Its internal disk vibrates at ultrasonic speed, creating a fine, inhalable aerosol. While other nebulizers can take up to 20 minutes to dispense 3 ml of medication, Flyp is nimble, getting the job done in about 7 minutes.

Flyp Portable Nebulizer Highlights

  • All-in-one pocket-sized nebulizer
  • Helps the user breathe freely – Just Fill, Click and Breathe
  • Delivers a standard, 3 ml dose of medication in about 7 minutes
  • Holds up to 5 ml of medication
  • Offers whisper-quiet operation
  • Is rechargeable via USB
  • No Tubes, No Limits, No Assembly

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Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
NEB500 FLYP Nebulizer Each $9.50

Flyp Portable Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer Features

  • Rigorously Tested - Created by a physician and designed by a team of engineers, Flyp was subjected to 18 different laboratory tests over the course of 3 years
  • Faster - Average treatment time of just 7 minutes. Less waiting around
  • Simpler - No tubes nor control units to get in the way
  • Quieter - Whisper quiet operation with HypersoniQ Technology. The internal disk vibrates 2000x faster than wings of a hummingbird
  • Happier - Never fear for the next breath it can always be tucked away in the pocket
  • Note - Product is Non-Returnable
  • All warranty and products questions would go directly to FLYP by phone (844.359.7632) or by email

Why use FLYP Portable Asthma Nebulizer?

  • Travel Well - The lightest and smallest portable nebulizer to be cleared by the FDA
  • Never Slow Down - Takes only 7 minutes to dispense 3ml of medication
  • Unplug And Uncomplicate - Designed without cumbersome tubes or control units. Just fill, click, breathe
  • Relax And Recharge - Rechargeable via USB. A quick charge lasts up to ten treatments

How does Flyp Pocket Nebulizer work?

Flyp nebulizer is a stainless-steel disk and half the thickness of a human hair. It has 1,000 4-micron holes that vibrate 110,000 times per second. As the liquid medication is pulled through the holes, it is converted into an inhalable aerosol.

Flyp Nebulizer FAQs
Flyp Nebulizer User Guide

How to use Flyp Portable Handheld Nebulizer?

Filling Medication Reservoir -
There is no need to remove the Medication Reservoir to fill it with medication
  • Open the Reservoir cover, revealing the medication reservoir
  • Unplug the stopper from the medication reservoir
  • Carefully insert the medication ampule fully into the reservoir, then squeeze the entire contents in, being careful not to spill any
  • Once the medication is in the reservoir, reinsert the stopper using fingers
  • Be careful not to touch any parts of the stopper that may come in contact with the medication
  • Close the reservoir cover

Turning Flyp On & Off -

  • Gently raise the Mouthpiece using your index finger, revealing the On-Off Button and On-Off Indicator Light
  • To turn Flyp on, press the On-Off Button. The blue On-Off Indicator Light will light. Visually confirm that an aerosol mist is flowing from the Mouthpiece end 
  • To turn Flyp off, press the On-Off Button again. The blue On-Off Indicator Light will no longer be lit
  • Flyp will automatically turn off after 10 minutes

Inhaling Prescribed Medication -
  • Place the Mouthpiece between your lips
  • Inhale and breathe in a calm manner at a normal rate

Note: not for use with hypertonic saline (>0.9%)

How to clean FLYP Handheld Nebulizer?

Cleaning Instructions -
  1. Cleaning Flyp is simple
  2. Just fill the Medication Reservoir with distilled or bottled water, turn the unit on for one minute, then empty
  3. Then gently remove the Mouthpiece, rinse under running water, and lay to dry on a clean towel
  4. Just be sure to never rinse the Main Unit
  5. Its recommended - That every once per week, a deep cleaning of the disk should be done with distilled white vinegar
  6. Follow the above step by substituting a bit of white vinegar for the distilled or bottled water

Disinfecting Instructions -
  • Remove the Mouthpiece and use just enough 70% ethyl alcohol to cover the Nebulizer Disk completely
  • Let sit for ten minutes, then shake off the excess alcohol
  • Then turn Flyp over, open the Reservoir Cover, remove the Medication Reservoir and repeat the same process as above, disinfecting the other side of the Nebulizer Disk
  • When you are done, reinsert both the Mouthpiece and the Medication Reservoir
  • Fill the Medication Reservoir with distilled water
  • Then plug the stopper, close the Reservoir Cover, and raise the Mouthpiece
  • Turn Flyp on; you will see a fine mist flowing from the Mouthpiece
  • After 10 minutes, your unit will turn off automatically
  • Then remove both the Medication Reservoir and Mouthpiece, shake off excess water, and let dry on a clean towel

Flyp Nebulizer Specifications

Power Supply100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.2A
Patient RangeAdolescent to adult
Method of OperationPiezoelectric/Ultrasonic
Power SourceLithium-ion battery (rechargeable)
Weight102gm / 0.22lb (with battery)
Dimensions27 x 119 x 54 mm (Main Unit)
Sound Level<35 dBA at 1 meter

Operating Conditions

Temperature Range5°C to +40°C (+41°F to +104°F)
HumidityUp to 95% RH

Storage Conditions

Temperature Range-10°C to +45°C (14°F to +113°F)
HumidityUp to 93% RH

Flyp Warranty

Flyp nebulizer is warrantied for three years.

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

question image
Do I need a prescription to buy this nebulizer if I’m buying it outright?
Erin - 3/21/2019 11:30:33 PM
answer image
"You do not required prescription to buy Flyp Portable Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer from our website."
Customer Care - 5/10/2019 5:37:55 AM
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