Drive Model 45 Hand Held Spray Nebulizer
Drive Model 45 Hand Held Spray Nebulizer

Drive Model 45 Hand Held Spray Nebulizer

Brand/Manufacturer: DRIVE MEDICAL
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Drive Model 45 Hand Held Spray Nebulizer delivers aerosol particles of uniformly consistent density deep into the lungs. It is designed for comfortable administration of fine mists of uniform density to reach deep into lung cavity. Converts liquid such as antibiotic and oil extracts into aerosol. This break-resistant nebulizer easily disassembles for sterilization by using autoclaving, boiling or cold sterilization method.


  • Drive Model 45 Hand Held Spray Nebulizer is used for treatment of asthmatic patients
  • Complete with mouthpiece, extra jet, and bulb
  • Used in respirator, mask test fit kits
  • Used in hospital sterile rooms for testing face masks for proper fit
  • Used by laboratories for testing done on animals
  • Polycarbonate plastic nebulizer can be used with or without mouthpiece
  • Can be used with a 40-TR nasal tip polyvinyl plastic adapter
  • MMAD : 5 microns
  • Capacity : 5cc
  • Instructions Guide

Note: Prescription can be emailed or faxed to 1.203.616.2851. To email please: Click Here

More Information

  • How To Use
    - Remove stopper from vapor tube holding nebulizer in horizontal position, add medication through vapor tube. DO NOT FILL ABOVE O-RING. OVERFILLING WILL CAUSE NEBULIZER TO LEAK
    - Remove stopper to attain maximum aerosol delivery. Hold nebulizer in upright position
    - With mouth fully open, place end of vapor tube just inside lips. Compress bulb firmly and sharply, using the fingers against the palm of the hand. Inhale deeply with each bulb compression
    - When using with mouthpiece, affix mouthpiece on vapor tube. Mouthpiece is to be placed between teeth with lips open
    NOTE: The Model 45 nebulizer includes a mouthpiece specifically designed for use with this model. It is not compatible with other sizes of mouthpieces
    - After using, replace stoppers
  • How To Clean
    For best performance and service life, clean your nebulizer daily

    - Remove stoppers from nebulizer ports. Separate nebulizer base and vapor tube by unscrewing. Remove medication
    - With thumb and index fingers, using a lifting motion, carefully remove jet
    - Nebulizer plastic parts and mouthpiece should be rinsed with hot tap water after every use by removing bulb from nebulizer base, and cleaned at least once a day. Your physician or dealer may specify a certain cleaning procedure. If so, follow their recommendations
    - Using two clean plastic containers or bowls, fill one with hot water and dishwashing detergent for washing, the other with hot water and vinegar solution (one part vinegar to three parts water) for soaking
    - Place nebulizer plastic parts and mouthpiece in bowl of detergent solution and clean thoroughly
    - Remove and rinse with clear hot tap water, then soak in vinegar solution (>=5% acetic acid concentration) for 30 minutes
    - Rinse with hot tap water and air dry
    - Nebulizer plastic parts EXCLUDING mouthpiece, o-ring, and bulb may also be sterilized by boiling
    - Keep the outer surface of the bulb dust-free by wiping with a clean, damp cloth
    Caution : Never permit water or medication to enter bulb as it will cause bulb to become prematurely brittle
    - After parts are thoroughly dried, reassemble bulb to nebulizer base. Carefully replace jet to original position in base with closed part of jet toward throat
    - Reassemble top portion of nebulizer to nebulizer base


6 month limited warranty

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Questions & Answers

question image
Can this be used for albeterol inhalation? I usually use a electric version and wondered if this could used the same way. Can this be used for a breathing treatment?
nancy trombley - 12/1/2016 2:20:52 PM
answer image
Drive Model 45 Hand Held Spray Nebulizer can be used with most medications as long as they are not very thick or heavy. This nebulizer uses a hand squeeze bulb to generate the aerosol mist, so it will not be as consistent as one driven by an air compressor. However it is a good nebulizer to use when away from home when a compressor is not available.
Customer Care - 2/3/2017 12:36:06 AM
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