Drive Compact Portable Compressor Nebulizer
Drive Compact Portable Compressor Nebulizer

Drive Compact Portable Compressor Nebulizer

Brand/Manufacturer: DRIVE MEDICAL
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Drive Compact Portable Compressor nebulizer is designed to efficiently deliver physician-prescribed medication to the bronchial lung passages. It is durable, lightweight and is perfect for COPD patients. It features compact and portable design with an integrated handle for transport and powerful piston-driven workhorse compressor.

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MQ5900 With Reusable JetNeb and Disposable Neb Kit Each $2.00


Note: Prescription can be emailed or faxed to 1.203.616.2851. To email please: Click Here

More Information

  • Handling

    - Check for any obvious damage to the carton or its contents. If damage is evident, DO NOT use. Notify Drive or your local Dealer
    - Remove all the loose packing from the carton
    - Carefully remove all the components from the carton. Important Safeguards
    - DO NOT use this product or any available optional equipment without first completely reading and understanding these instructions and any additional instructional material such as Owner’s Manuals, Service Manuals or Instruction Sheets supplied with this product or optional equipment
    - If you are unable to understand the Dangers, Warnings, Cautions or Instructions, contact a healthcare professional, dealer or technical personnel before attempting to use this equipment - otherwise, injury or damage may occur
  • To Reduce The Risk Of Electrocution
    - ALWAYS unplug this product IMMEDIATELY after using. DO NOT use while bathing
    - DO NOT place or store product where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink
    - DO NOT reach for product that has fallen into water. Unplug immediately. Do not place in or drop into water or other liquid
  • Warning
    - Keep the nebulizer tubing, cord, and unit way from heated or hot surfaces, including space heaters, electric blankets, stoves and similar electrical appliances
    - NEVER drop or insert objects into any opening or hose
    - NEVER use while sleeping or drowsy
    - NEVER block the air openings of the product or place it on a soft surface, such as a bed or couch, where the air opening, may be clocked. Keep the air openings free from lint, hair and the link
    - Blocked openings may cause the unit to shut down. Contact dealer immediately
  • Operating Instructions
    - Remove the compressor from the carrying case before use. Do not operate unit without filter. Avoid operating this product in a dusty environment. Otherwise, premature compressor wear could occur
    Treatment Instructions

    - Turn the unit on, pressing the ON/OFF switch to the "-" position
    - Place mouthpiece between your teeth close your mouth and tilt the nebulizer toward your mouth
    - As aerosol begins to flow, inhale deeply, slowly, and hold breath for ten seconds. Then exhale slowly through the mouthpiece
    NOTE: If you need to rest during a treatment, place the nebulizer in the round holder located within the handle opening. NOTE: Tighten caps on medication jars
    - When treatment is complete, turn the unit off by setting the switch to the "O" position and unplug the unit from the electrical outlet
    - Before storing supplies between treatments, clean and dry the nebulizer and accessories
  • Cleaning And Disinfecting
    Cleaning the Outer Case

    - Unplug unit before cleaning
    - DO NOT submerge in water to clean
    - Clean outer case with damp cloth
    - DO NOT remove outer case of this unit. Removing the case creates a serious electrical shock hazard
    - All disassembly and maintenance of this unit MUST be done by a qualified technician
  • Cleaning the Compressor
    - Unplug unit before cleaning
    - DO NOT submerge in water to clean
    - DO NOT clean using abrasive cleaners
    - Clean the casing of the main unit daily by using a soft cloth moistened with water or a mild detergent
    - Wipe the casing immediately dry using a soft clean cloth
  • Maintenance
    Routine Care

    To keep your device in the best condition and protect the unit from damage, follow these directions:
    - DO NOT subject the device or the parts to any strong shocks such as dropping the device on the floor
    - DO NOT store the device in extreme hot or cold temperatures, high humidity or under direct sunlight
  • Storage
    - Put the nebulizer and mouthpiece in a carrying case
    - Coil the air tubing
    - Wrap the AC cord in a coil
    - Zip the bag closed
    - Store the device in a safe area
    NOTE: Store the repackaged device in a dry area
    - DO NOT place other objects on top of the repackaged device
  • Filter Change
    - The filter MUST be replaced after approximately 30 hours of use or when it turns grey
    - Open the filter holder to replace the filter with a new one


Electrical Requirements120 VAC, 60 Hz, Single Phase
Sound Level50 to 63 dBA
Power Wattage110 Watts Max
Foam Intake FilterFoam
Safety SystemsHigh temperature compressor shutdown
Width5.9 inches
Height3.8 inches
Depth5.7 inches
Regulatory ListingIn compliance with UL 1431 Personal Hygiene and Healthcare Appliances
Maximum Pressure30 psig or greater
Compressor Free Air Flow8 lpm or greater
Operating Pressure10 psig or greater
Operating Noise Level<63 dBA
Storage/Transport Temperature Range-13 to 158ºF, (-25 to 70ºC)
Storage/Transport Humidity Range10%-90%
Operating Humidity Range15%-90% non-condensing
Operating Temperature Range50-104ºF, (10-40ºC)
Altitude0 to 6500 ft (2000 m) above sea level
Mode of OperationIntermittent Use (30 min. ON / 30 min. OFF)


5 year limited warranty

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

question image
Can I use this nebulizer in my car using my cigarette lighter?
Joy Lee - 7/11/2017 9:55:50 AM
answer image
The Drive Compact Portable Compressor Nebulizer is intended for home use only. The manufacturer does not recommend using it outside or charing it with a different power source. Please refer to the user manual on the product page for additional information.
Customer Care - 7/12/2017 8:36:15 AM
question image
What is the weight of the MQ5800 nebulizer
Gloria Meeks - 7/3/2016 1:03:33 PM
answer image
Thank you for contacting customer care service.
Weight of the product is 3lbs
Customer Care - 7/4/2016 1:02:15 AM
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