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Gazala Bohra

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Gazala Bohra has been a Health Products For You contributor since 2017.

Gazala takes health and wellness seriously and personally. An avid runner, she has completed several half-marathons and long-distance relay races. When she is not running, she rides her Harley Davidson motorcycle to de-stress.

An engineer by education, Gazala heads the digital marketing team at HPFY. Besides the fulltime job, she is always on the run as a soccer mom, scout mom, or a PTA mom for her three boys! Despite all the craziness she believes in taking a half hour at the start of each day to spend on her health and wellness, whether it is a quick run around the neighborhood or a strength workout or just some mindful meditation, this ‘me’ time fuels a healthy mind and body to tackle anything the rest of the day may bring.