Using a Nebulizer

Using a nebulizer is pretty simple but requires a lot of care and alertness as the person who sets it up is dealing with the most important system of the human body aka the respiratory system. Usually medical companies and doctors give basic instructions on how to use a nebulizer but here are a few basic steps on how to set up and use a nebulizer:

  • Place the compressor machine on a flat surface so it can safely reach an outlet. Using a Nebulizer
  • Cleanliness is a key factor, so check all the pieces to see if they are perfectly clean.
  • Always wash your hands before touching or prepping the medication.
  • If your medication is already mixed then place it in the container directly.
  • If you need to mix it manually, measure the correct amount of medicine and then add it in the container.
  • Connect the tube to the compressor and the liquid container properly and see if it is tightly connected.
  • Attach the mouthpiece or mask to the tube and check that it is clean.
  • Switch on the machine and check if the nebulizer is misting properly.
  • Put the mouthpiece in the patient’s mouth and close their mouth around it.
  • Or put the mask securely over their nose and mouth, leaving no gaps.
  • Slowly let them breathe in and out until the medicine is gone. This may take up to five to 15 minutes.
  • Keep the liquid container upright throughout the treatment so that no medicine is spilled and wasted.
All You Need To Know About Nebulizers


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