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A CPAP Heated Humidifier is home to a water chamber, which it heats to moisturize the air provided by your machine. Together they are ideal for those who find that the machine is leaving them with a dry mouth, sore nasal passages or simply find the air cold and therefore very uncomfortable.

Normally, they are an additional piece of equipment that fits onto or into your main CPAP machine, but some CPAP machines come with a built-in humidifier. Many machines have their own specific humidifier available. For a few, humidification is an essential part of their therapy, but for others, there is little benefit, so it really boils down to your personal preference. Thus those using a full face mask are more likely to require humidification as they are particularly susceptible to a dry mouth. For those using an oral mask, humidification is more or less essential.

For most machines they can be bought and integrated separately, so you could just order your machine without one and see how it turns out. If you feel the air is too uncomfortably cold, or you are suffering from dryness in the mouth or nose, then you can order the humidifier separately. However if you already wake up with a dry mouth, then CPAP is only likely to increase it. So it is highly recommended that you purchase one immediately. For those unsure, just see how you get on without before committing.

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What are the Different Types of Humidifiers?

CPAP humidifiers are available in two different types:

  • Passover Humidifiers
  • Heated Humidifier

A wide range of CPAP machines allow users to set the temperature of their humidifier depending on their prescription. A warm setting on the humidifier generally adds more moisture to the air. On the other hand, a cold setting on the humidifier, which are also referred to as passover humidifiers, do not use heat.

Passover Humidifiers

A passover humidifier, also referred to as cold humidifiers contains a water chamber that is not heated. The air flows over the humidifier while picking up moisture from the water, while passing over the humidifier chamber this known as a passover humidifier. This moisturized air then journeys through the tubing and then into the nose or mouth which increases the comfort of using a CPAP machine.

Heated Humidifiers

Heated humidifiers contain a small warming element which heats the water, generating water vapor that humidifies the air as it moves through the CPAP machine. Heated humidifiers aim to add extra humidity to the air. Some versions of the humidifier contain a dial helps increase or decrease the amount of humidity in the air.

What to Add While Using a Humidifier?

Distilled water in your CPAP humidifier is the best option as it doesn’t leave any chalky residue at the bottom of your humidifier chamber which normal water might leave. Since tap water generally has added minerals, salts, and other impurities that don't mix well with your CPAP machine, this water might spoil the mechanism of the humidifier or CPAP machine. If you're traveling with your CPAP then using bottled water can be a great alternative to distilled water. Since the water in the humidifier gets into the lungs, ensure that the water is pure and free from contaminants. Your machine might last a bit longer if you use pure and distilled water.

What to Not Add in your Humidifier?

Essential Oils: Adding essential oils to your humidifier chamber is a disastrous plan. There is myth that essential oils in your humidifier chamber can improve the machine, but they can’t. Instead essential oils can cause damage or loss to your CPAP machine and might even trigger allergies in your lungs. If you still want essential oils in your machine, using a filter that contains essential oils can be an excellent choice. The air passing from the filter picks up the scent from the essential oils and enters your airway.

Top Five CPAP Humidifiers of 2020

1. Hudson RCI Neptune Heated Humidifier

Hudson RCI Neptune Heated Humidifier with ConchaSmart technology features low water notification, 28 degree Celsius to 40 degree Celsius Patient Wye temperature and an auto settings mode to help improve workflow. It is simple, versatile and can be used for a variety of patients across multiple applications, driving standardization. Its low water notification feature lets users know when water needs to be replaced.

Features of Hudson RCI Neptune Humidifier

  • Features temperature range for the Invasive Mode is 32°C to 40°C and non-invasive mode is 28C to 37C
  • One ConchaSmart column for all patients and therapies to simplify clinician workflow
  • Heated high flow cannula therapy flow rates ranging from 1 to 60 liters per minute (LPM), to maximize patient comfort and therapy compliance

2. CareFusion Intersurgical Auto Fill Humidification Chamber

CareFusion Intersurgical Auto Fill Humidification Chamber offers a fixed level of water within the chamber, ensuring a constant system volume. It is coupled with the strong polycarbonate body and non compressible float that ensures the adverse changes in system compliance and are reduced to a minimum. The auto fill chamber provides optimum humidification output without compromising resistance to flow. The inter surgical auto fill humidification chamber is supplied complete with a fill set with spike and cap.

Features of CareFusion Auto Fill Humidification Chamber

  • Fill set - permanently attached at the chamber to prevent disconnection
  • Dual valve - for added security
  • Baffles and webs - ensure an efficient gas flow through the chamber for increased humidity
  • Clearly visible water level indicator - for instant accurate fluid level assessment
  • Advanced dual float design - the closed cell material of the primary float ensures a totally reliable unsinkable rigid mechanism, while the secondary float provides added security
  • Protective cassette - protects the chamber from contamination

3. Hudson RCI Sterile Water Reservoir with Concha-Column

Hudson RCI Sterile Water Reservoir with Concha-Column is a self-contained system with ConchaColumn column for use with Neptune heated humidifiers. It is a safe, reliable gravity-feed system that provides uninterrupted water flow

Features of Hudson RCI Sterile Water Reservoir

  • Produces humidification using the evaporation process
  • Ensures minimal resistance to gas flow
  • Easy reservoir and column replacement

4. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Dishwasher Safe Humidification Chamber For SleepStyle

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Dishwasher Safe Humidification Chamber For SleepStyle constantly delivers controlled humidity. It has thermosmart technology which is a unique heated breathing tube that delivers higher customized humidity levels that is maintained throughout the night. The humidity levels maintains normal airway conditions without the side effect of condensation.

Features of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Humidification Chamber

  • Humidification delivery
  • Fully integrated system
  • ThermoSmart technology
  • Performance monitoring
  • Compliance maximizer software
  • Pressure control
  • Altitude adjustment control
  • Leak compensation

5. DeVilbiss IntelliPAP 2 Heated Humidifier with Pulse Dose Humidification

DeVilbiss IntelliPAP 2 Heated Humidifier with Pulse Dose Humidification is a innovative humidifier for use with the IntelliPAP 2 machines. It adds moisture to therapy air during inhalation for increased comfort. The humidifier connects directly to an IntelliPAP 2 machine without need of extra hoses. During exhalation, dry air is used to flush the humidity from the tube to reduce the chance of rainout.

Features of DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Heated Humidifier

  • Pulse Dose Humidification
  • Integrated Design
  • 375 mL Water Chamber
  • Humidifier can be set to 0-5

Where to Buy CPAP Humdifiers Online?

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