Graham-Field John Bunn Neb-u-Lite LX2 Nebulizer Compressor

Graham-Field John Bunn Neb-u-Lite LX2 Nebulizer Compressor

  • HyGiene Products
  • Non Returnable
  • FSA Approved
  • Made in USA

Graham Field John Bunn Neb-u-Lite LX2 Nebulizer Compressor is a user-friendly high quality, low-noise aerosol compressor. It is compact with rounded corners and has integrated carrying handle with storage compartment and built-in nebulizer holder. Piston-driven motor ensures high performance and long life.

Neb-u-Lite LX2 Nebulizer Compressor comes complete with:

  • 1 disposable nebulizer featuring 0.2ml per minute flow rate
  • 1 mouthpiece
  • 1 PVC tubing
  • 1 T adapter
  • 1 reservoir tube
  • 5ml capacity medicine cup

Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Item # Desc Pkg Price
JB0112-110 White Each

Graham-Field John Bunn Nebulizer Compressor Features

  • Designed to provide a source of compressed air for aerosol therapy
  • Used in conjunction with a jet (pneumatic) nebulizer to produce medicated aerosols for inhalation by pediatric and adult patients with respiratory symptoms
  • Indications for therapy include
    - Asthma
    - Chronic bronchitis
    - Infection of the upper respiratory tract, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and other respiratory disorders in accordance with a physicians prescription.
  • Click here for user manual
  • Click here for specifications manual

How To Use John Bunn Nebulizer?

  1. Before each use, inspect the compressor and nebulizer cup assembly for damage or wear; replace as needed.
  2. Place the compressor on a table or other flat stable surface (not on the floor), in an area that is clean and dust-free. Be sure you can easily reach the controls when seated.
  3. Open the nebulizer medication cup: Twist the cap counter-clockwise until it stops, then lift cap off.
  4. Pour the prescribed medication into the nebulizer medication cup. Do not fill with more than 5 ml per treatment.
  5. Install cap on cup. Turn clockwise to tighten.
  6. If using the mouthpiece for treatment, proceed to step 7. If using an optional mask, install the bottom part of the mask directly onto the top of the nebulizer medication cup cap as shown at right. Proceed to step 9.
  7. Insert mouthpiece into large end of T adapter.
  8. Install T adapter onto top of nebulizer medication cup cap.
  9. Connect the tubing to the adapter on the bottom of the nebulizer medication cup.
  10. Connect the tubing''s other end to the compressor air outlet connector.
    Warning: Before use, check that all parts are securely connected. Use of an improperly assembled nebulizer could diminish or prevent adequate delivery of medication and the effectiveness of the treatment


Maintenance:Cleaning the Nebulizer Cup



  • After each use, disassemble the nebulizer cup, T adapter and mouthpiece completely, wash all parts in warm soapy water, and rinse thoroughly. Allow to air dry. Store in a clean, dry location.
  • Once daily, after washing as above, soak nebulizer components in a fresh solution consisting of one part warm water and one part white vinegar for 30 minutes followed by a warm water rinse. Allow to air dry. Store in a clean, dry location.

Replacing the Filter:



  • Ensure that ON/OFF switch is in the OFF position. Open the filter cap located next to the ON/OFF switch.
  • Remove the dirty filter with a small, pointed object. Discard the filter.
  • Replace with a clean filter.
  • Replace the filter cap.




  • Keep the device and accessories dry. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.


GF John Bunn Neb-u-Lite LX2 Nebulizer Specification

Particulars Dimensions
Method Of Nebulization Piston Driven
Power 120VAC, 60Hz
Operating Temperature Range 50
Operating Humidity Range 10% to 90% RH non-condensing
Storage Temperature Range -5-122 (-15-50)


5 year limited warranty

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