Pari Vios LC Plus Adult Aerosol Nebulizer Compressor
Pari Vios LC Plus Adult Aerosol Nebulizer Compressor

Pari Vios LC Plus Adult Aerosol Nebulizer Compressor

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Measure your peak flows and save yourself from an emergency room visit!

Pari Vios LC Plus Adult Aerosol Nebulizer Compressor delivers consistent particle size and fast treatments resulting in targeted delivery to the lungs. Includes patented PARI wing tip tubing and the exclusive Timestrip that monitors time elapsed from a patients first treatment to six months, eliminating guesswork for replacing the reusable nebulizer. This allows for consistent medication delivery and fast treatment times.

Benefits of using Pari Vios LC Plus Nebulizer Compressor

  • Fast treatments allow patients to spend less time on aerosol therapy helping to improve their quality of life
  • Available with the clinically proven PARI LC PLUS or LC Sprint nebulizers
  • Powerful 1.6 bar compressor withstands repeated use for heavy use patients

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310F83-LC+ Standard Each $2.30

Pari Vios LC Plus Features

  •  Easy to use and activate and great for patient reminder programs
  • Vios compressor creates an airflow which travels to nebulizer through tubing
  • Reduces the risk for bacterial contamination
  • Fast treatment times: 5 to 6 minutes
  • Operatiing pressure: 18psi (nominal) and 34psi (maximum)
  • Maximum liter flow rate: 8.5lpm
  • Nominal air flow: 4.5lpm
  • Dimension: 6.5"Lx 6.5"W x 3.75"H
  • Weight: 3lb

What Vios LC Plus Nebulizer Compressor Includes?

  • PARI LC Plus reusable nebulizer (code 022F81)
  • Backup reusable nebulizer
  • Vios compressor
  • Timestrip
  • Wing-Tip tubing

LC Plus Nebulizer Cup

Vios Compressor creates an airflow which travels to the nebulizer through tubing. Nebulizer is the actual medicine cup. Air from the compressor breaks the liquid medication into small breathable particles forming a mist or aerosol. These aerosol particles must be of a certain size in order to make the trip deep into lungs. LC Plus Reusable Nebulizer, designed with breath enhanced features creates optimal particle size and delivers medication efficiently to the lungs. LC Plus Nebulizer Cup is an important part of the treatment regiment, so it should be clean and disinfected. It is reusable but should be replaced after six months from first use.

Advantages of Replacing the Nebulizer Cup

  • Consistent medication delivery to the lungs
  • Fast and efficient treatments
  • Reduced bacterial contamination

How to use Timestrip?

Timestrip is an exclusive, easy, visual reminder from Pari Respiratory to replace the nebulizer every 6 months eliminating guesswork and hassle with calendars for replacing the reusable nebulizer.

  • To activate Timestrip, squeeze the bubble on the top of it
  • A red line will appear in the small circle within one to two minutes indicating activation
  • If the red line does not appear after three minutes, press the bubble again
  • Remove the adhesive tape from the back of the time strip and attach the time strip to the front of the compressor
  • Do not place the time strip on the nebulizer Cup
  • After six months the Oval on the right-hand side of the time strip will be red and the word “NOW” will appear

 Pari Vios LC Plus Nebulizer

Vios Adult Nebulizer Guides

What to buy With Pari Vios Nebulizer Compressor?

Also available (sold separately):

How to clean Pari Vios LC Nebulizer Compressor?

  • Disconnect the tubing from the air intake on the bottom of the nebulizer cup.
  • If there is any moisture in the tubing, let the compressor run with only the tubing attached for 2-3 minutes. The warm air from the compressor will dry out the tubing. Alternatively, can dry the tubing by removing it from the compressor and hanging it up with the “ends down” to allow any moisture to drain out and evaporate. Use a clean damp cloth to wipe the exterior of the tubing
  • Disassemble reusable nebulizer parts
  • Wash all parts with warm water and liquid dish soap. Do not wash the tubing.
  • Rinse the reusable nebulizer parts thoroughly with warm water and shake out water
  • Air dry or hand dry nebulizer parts on a clean, lintfree cloth. Reassemble nebulizer when parts are dry and store
  • User can also wash all parts of the reusable nebulizer on the top shelf of a dishwasher. Place the reusable nebulizer parts in a dishwasher basket, then place the basket on the top rack of the dishwasher. Remove and dry the parts when the dishwasher cycle is complete. DO NOT WASH TUBING.

Vios LC Plus Warranty

5 years compressor warranty

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

question image
is the Vios LC Plus protable? (battery? or AC Adapter?)
Angel Horne - 9/4/2014 2:08:11 PM
answer image
Thank you for reaching out to us. Pari Vios LC Plus Adult Aerosol Delivery System is AC-powered air compressor.
Customer Care - 9/5/2014 5:03:39 AM
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