The Magic of HME

HME or Heat Moisture Exchangers are devices that are used with tracheostomy devices and mimic the moisturizing and heating function that is usually performed by the nostrils, mouth and upper trachea. There are many different items used inside the HME that provide the moisture for example foam, paper, or any substance that can act as a surface for condensation and absorption. They are often accompanied by hygroscopic salts that can retain water. They have opening either on the side or in the front.

It is used in mechanically ventilated patients and is intended to help prevent complications due to the drying of the respiratory mucosa, such as mucus plugging and endotracheal tube (ETT) occlusion.

The Magic of HMEWe have a number of HME products, for example the Kimberly-Clark Kimvent Heat and Moisture Exchanger humidifies and helps decrease the transfer of bacteria and viruses between the patient and practitioner. This HME can be used in respiratory and anesthesia for patients with a tracheostomy tube. HME helps reduce the need for expensive, heated humidification systems and provide filtration of circuits for ventilator patients.


The Magic of HME

Another good example is the CareFusion AirLife Small Volume Filtered Hygroscopic Condenser Humidifier which captures the patient’s exhaled heat and moisture and returns it in the inspired gas. This small and compact humidifier is specially treated to provide bacteriostatic and hygroscopic benefits.



The Magic of HME

The Atos Medical Provox Micron Heat and Moisture Exchanger addresses the risk of infection by airborne pathogens and could be valuable for laryngectomees in need of improved health safety. It is made to be worn in front of the tracheostoma and the filter helps to filter small airborne particles like bacteria, viruses, dust and pollen. The HME is clinically proven to improve the airway climate.



The Magic of HMELast but not the least, the Atos Medical Provox FreeHands HME Starter Kit combines a heat and moisture exchanger (HME) with an easy-to-operate automatic tracheostoma valve that allows speaking without manual stoma closure. HME means heat and moisture exchanger that gives you greater breathing comfort by conditioning, moisturizing and warming the incoming air.


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