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What is a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

Portable Oxygen concentrators are mainly used for oxygen supply in healthcare services, especially where liquid or pressurized oxygen is too dangerous or not feasible, such as at your home or in portable clinics. Their small and lightweight design makes them easy to carry from one place to another.

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How does a Travel Oxygen Concentrator works?

Portable oxygen machine uses a molecular sieve to adsorb gasses and function on the rule of rapid pressure swing adsorption of atmospheric nitrogen onto zeolite minerals and then removing the nitrogen. In this type of adsorption system there is a nitrogen scrubber that leaves the other atmospheric gasses to pass through. But doesn’t let oxygen pass through thus only oxygen is left. This technology is a reliable and an economically feasible technique for small and medium-scale oxygen generation.

Continuous Flow Mode

Some oxygen concentrators use a continuous supply of oxygen to the patient irrespective of the patient breathing or not. Therefore they are an excellent option for night usage. It cannot detect when the patient breathes but has a continuous flow of oxygen and the oxygen is available whenever the patient needs it.

Pulse Flow Mode

Other oxygen concentrators use a pulse flow to determine the amount of oxygen a person needs when he breathes. They do not supply oxygen continuously on the other hand the gas is given only when the person inhales. But they do not detect inhalation when the patient is sleeping and hence their counterparts are used for this time of the day.

Where to buy Portable Oxygen Concentrators online?

Shop Nebulizer offers a wide range of portable oxygen concentrators. Some of them are explained below:

Devilbiss iGo2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator System

The Devilbiss iGo2 POC System is durable and offers high-quality design with patented SmartDose Technology, iGo2 automatically adjusts the oxygen therapy in response to the patient‘s breathing pattern.

Devilbiss iGo2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator System
Devilbiss iGo2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator System

Precision Medical EasyPulse 5 Liters Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The Precision Medical EasyPulse 5 Liters Portable Oxygen Concentrator is another great example as it is a lightweight, Five-liter, portable oxygen concentrator that is capable of operating from three different power sources: AC power, DC power or rechargeable battery.

Precision Medical EasyPulse 5 Liters Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Precision Medical EasyPulse 5 Liters Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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