Replacement Columns or Sieve Beds for Oxygen Concentrators

Replacement Columns work as a filter inside the oxygen concentrator and convert air with lower oxygen concentration to a highly concentrated oxygen supply. Designed to be used with portable and home oxygen concentrators, these sieve beds are changed within a period of two years to make sure that the user only breathes medical grade oxygen. They provide an easy way to service the concentrator in the comfort of home; just remove and replace. LCD screen of most oxygen concentrators alert the user when a column replacement is required. At Shop Nebulizer, we carry replacement columns for Inogen One portable oxygen concentrators, Zen-O oxygen concentrators, and more.

Why is Oxygen Concentrator Column Replacement required?

  • Sieve beds require a timely replacement to properly filter out nitrogen from the incoming air.
  • They help provide concentrated oxygen to users.
  • If the columns are not replaced timely, then the oxygen coming through the cannula will be impure with high concentration of nitrogen.
  • Malfunctioning sieve beds will not be able to provide adequate oxygen dosage required to treat COPD or other lung diseases.

How are Replacement Columns beneficial?

  • Quick and easy way to service the oxygen concentrator without having to send the product for repair
  • Come with clear, step-by-step instructions, making it easier for customers to remove and replace the columns
  • Do not require any special tools to switch out the columns
  • Save time and money of both customers and providers
  • Prolonged lifetime; wear down after long use

Where to buy Sieve Beds online?

You can buy sieve beds or replacement columns for oxygen concentrators online at discounted prices on Not only sieve beds, you can also find other oxygen concentrator accessories here like filters, carry bags, power adaptors, batteries, and more.

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