Inogen Oxygen ConcentratorsINOGEN, Inc provides Oxygen Supply Solutions in form of Oxygen Concentrators for both portable and stationary use. By following its mission of improving the quality of life of supplemental oxygen, Inogen is successfully fulfilling the Oxygen Therapy needs.

The company is specialized in Respiratory Products by manufacturing a wide variety of Oxygen Concentrators, Oxygen Machines, Oxygen Therapy Equipment, related parts & accessories.

Inogen is passionate about the freedom and independence of the patients so that they can live more fulfilling lives. In order to complete this mission, Inogen is providing compact, lightweight, and travel-approved oxygen-machines.

As everyone is trying to navigate freely with safety procedures during this novel coronavirus pandemic, INOGEN offers lightweight and quietest oxygen concentrators so that the patients with respiratory issues can also move freely even outside their home carrying this compact respiratory therapy equipment.

Inogen’s Oxygen Concentrators Solutions:

1. INOGEN One G3, G4, and G5 system (Portable Oxygen Supply Devices)

The latest innovation of Inogen to Portable Oxygen Delivery is; providing 24x7 oxygen deliveries in the smallest packages, and INOGEN ONE G5 serves the exact goal. Inogen one G3 and G4 system both are manufactured on the same line and are the most powerful and quietest respiratory products available for oxygen users.

2. INOGEN At Home Oxygen Concentrators

Inogen At Home oxygen concentrator is the best oxygen machine for home because it helps them breathe easier and they can move freely around their homes.

Inogen provides innovative and efficacious respiratory products for use in the home care setting to improve the health, wellbeing, and independence of patients. Inogen is committed to understanding and meeting customer needs, providing reliable and quality products, sustaining an effective quality system, and maintain regulatory compliance. We at HPFY stores offer oxygen concentrator solutions for portable use.

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