DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide 7305 Series Homecare Suction Unit Without Battery
DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide 7305 Series Homecare Suction Unit Without Battery

DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide 7305 Series Homecare Suction Unit Without Battery

Brand/Manufacturer: DEVILBISS
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  • Made in USA

DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide 7305 Series Homecare Suction Unit Without Battery is a compact medical suctioning device which has been designed for reliable, portable operation. Because of the small size, lightweight and DC operation, the DeVilbiss Suction Unit is ideal for providing suction in the home, in transport with optional DC cord. Meets suction and capacity requirements in a small, lightweight design.

Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
7305D-D Without External Filter Each $19.60
7305D-D-EXF With External Filter Each $21.10


  • DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide 7305 Series Homecare Suction Unit Without Battery includes:
    - Suction Unit
    - 800cc Disposable Container
    - Tubing
    - Elbow
    - AC and DC power cords
  • Vacuum adjustments allow for 80 to 550 mmHg and a free flow of 27 liters per minute
  • Adjustable flow regulator - Easy-to-turn knob conveniently placed directly below gauge, for easy use and control
  • Safety lock feature allows the knob to be twisted off
  • Easy-to-read gauge, especially important when precise measurements of vacuum are needed for the pediatric patient
  • Meets the RTCA/DO160D Aircraft Standard as well as the ISO-10079 1:1999 Suction Standard
  • Equipped with a switch mode power supply allowing operation on any AC voltage (100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz)
  • Automatic float shut-off to prevent overflow into the unit
  • Uses a rechargeable battery with 60 minutes run time, automatically recharges when connected to the power supply
  • Unit can be operated while inside the carrying case
  • Battery for use up to one hour that provides the patient with added security when needed most
  • Indications:
    - More frequent or congested-sounding cough
    - Coarse rhonchi and expiratory wheezing audible to the patient and/or caregiver with or without auscultation
    - Visible secretions
    - Increased peak pressures during volume-cycled mechanical ventilation
    - Decreased tidal volumes during pressure-cycled ventilation
    - Indication by the patient that suctioning is necessary
    - Suspected aspiration of gastric or upper airway secretions
    - Otherwise unexplained increase in shortness of breath, respiratory rate, or heart rate
    - Decreases in vital capacity and/or oxygen saturation (as indicated by pulse oximetry), thought to be related to mucus plugging
  • User Manual
  • Click Here for AARC Guidelines
  • Also Available:
    -DeVilbiss Replacement Tubing for Suction Pump

Note: Prescription can be emailed or faxed to 1.203.616.2851. To email please: Click Here

More Information

  • Achieved outstanding performance in the following tests:
    Electromagnetic Compatibility Test ‚œ VacuAide does not interfere with or is not susceptible to interference from other equipment such as ventilators
    - Drop Test and Shock Vibration Test ‚œ VacuAide is far less likely to be damaged when dropped or shipped
    - Excessive Temperature Test ‚œ VacuAide effectively works in a wide range of environmental temperatures
  • Uses:
    - It is to be used to remove fluids from the airway or respiratory support system and infectious materials from wounds
    - The device creates a negative pressure (vacuum) that draws fluids through disposable tubing that is connected to a collection bottle
    - The fluids are trapped in the collection bottle for proper disposal
  • To reduce the risk of electrocution:
    - Do not use while bathing
    - Do not place or store product where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink
    - Do not place in or drop into water or other liquid
    - Do not reach for a product that has fallen into water
    - Unplug immediately
  • Caution:
    - This device is designed for the collection of non-flammable fluid materials in medical applications
    - Improper use during medical applications can cause injury or death
    - For all medical applications, all suctioning should be done in strict accordance with appropriate procedures that have been established by a licensed medical authority
    - Some attachments or accessories may not fit the tubing supplied, hence all attachments or accessories should be checked prior to use to assure proper fit
  • How to operate the Suction Unit:
    Before connecting the unit to the AC adapter or 12V DC cord, make sure that the power switch located on the side of the unit is in the ‚“Off‚ position
    - Select power source desired
  • AC operation:
    - Plug the small connector of the AC adapter into the DC power input located on the side of the unit
    - Plug the AC end into a grounded wall-outlet power source
  • 12V DC operation:
    - Plug the small connector of the DC power cord into the DC power input on the side of the unit
    - Plug the large connector into the 12V DC power receptacle of the automobile
  • Cleaning instructions:
    - Shut off unit using power switch and allow vacuum to drop
    - Disconnect power source from the DC input receptacle on the unit
    - With the collection bottle still in the holder, remove the lid
    - The bottle can now be taken out of the holder to be emptied
    Collection bottles and lids should be thoroughly cleaned after each use by one of the following methods:
    All Bottles:
    - Wash in a hot water/dishwashing detergent solution and rinse with clean, hot tap water
    - Then wash in one part vinegar to three parts hot water solution
    - Rinse with hot tap water and air dry
    1,200ml Reusable Bottle only:
    - Wash in a hot water/dishwashing detergent solution and rinse with clean, hot tap water - Then wash with rubbing alcohol and air dry
    - Wash in a hot water/dishwashing detergent solution and rinse with clean, hot tap water - Then wash with a commercial (bacterial-germicidal) disinfectant, follow disinfectant manufacturer;s recommended instructions and dilution rates carefully
    - Clean the 1200 ml autoclavable jar, lid assembly, gasket, seal washer, float guide, and float thoroughly with mild soap
    - Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry thoroughly
    - Place parts in autoclave as follows ensuring the parts are not touching
    - Jar with open end down





9" x 7" x 8" (22.9cm x 17.8cm x 20.3cm)

7305D Series

3.8lb (1.7kg)

Electrical Requirements

100 to 240 V AC 50/60 Hz .75 A max; 12 V DC, 33 W max

7305D Series Internal Rechargeable Battery

Not Factory Equipped (provider-installed option)

Vacuum Range

80 to 550 mmHg

Air Flow @ pump inlet

27 LPM (free flow) typical (may be less when running from internal battery)

Collection Bottle Capacity

800 ml (cc) Disposable


2 year limited warranty on unit

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

question image
How long should machine be plugged in and how long will the charge hold?
Janet - 8/9/2014 11:00:57 PM
answer image
A discharged battery will require 10-17 hours (depending on depth of discharge) of charging to reach a full capacity. 
A fully charged battery will provide approximately 60 minutes of continuous operation at a zero vacuum level (free flow). Operation time will decrease with higher vacuum levels.
Customer Care - 8/11/2014 1:58:36 AM
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