Kendall Shiley Flexible Tracheostomy Tube with TaperGuard Cuff
Kendall Shiley Flexible Tracheostomy Tube with TaperGuard Cuff

Kendall Shiley Flexible Tracheostomy Tube with TaperGuard Cuff

Brand/Manufacturer: COVIDIEN/MEDTRONIC

Kendall Shiley Flexible Tracheostomy Tube with TaperGuard Cuff is a dual cannula tracheostomy tube with a disposable inner cannula. The device is used to provide an artificial airway in order to provide access to the patients airway for airway management. It contains an integrated 15mm connector for use with standard ventilation and anesthesia equipment. The disposable inner cannula is translucent for easy inspection and allows for airway maintenance. This tracheostomy tube can be used with or without the disposable inner cannula included in the package however, use of the inner cannula is recommended.

Kendall Shiley Flexible Tracheostomy Tube Highlights

  • Pliable neck plate allows individual neck anatomies
  • Tracheostomy tube tip is compatible with percutaneous insertion
  • Smooth, rounded tip obturator facilitates insertion

Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
SH4CN65H TaperGuard Cuff 9.4mm OD, 6.5mm ID Each $4.40
SH5CN70H TaperGuard Cuff 10.1mm OD, 7.0mm ID Each $4.40
SH6CN75H TaperGuard Cuff 10.8mm OD, 7.5mm ID Each $4.40
SH7CN80H TaperGuard Cuff 11.4mm OD, 8.0mm ID Each $4.40
SH8CN85H TaperGuard Cuff 12.2mm OD, 8.5mm ID Each $4.40
SH9CN90H TaperGuard Cuff 12.7mm OD, 9.0mm ID Each $4.40

Kendall Shiley Flexible Tracheostomy Tube Features

Help enable easier insertion and removal
  • Low profile cuff - A thinner, less bulky cuff reduces insertion force by 39%.
  • Beveled tip - A beveled tip on all product configurations eases percutaneous insertion.

May enhance patient fit and comfort
  • Flexible cannula - The outer cannula is flexible enough to conform to the patients airway, but rigid enough to maintain airway patency.
  • Familiar sizes - The tubes use sizing (I.D., O.D., length and tube curvature) that is substantially equivalent to those used in earlier Shiley products. 
  • Size choices €” Additional sizes have been added to improve patient fit when needed.
Help improve clinicians ability to provide mechanical ventilation
  • Taper-shaped-cuff - The ability to titrate ventilator air leak is 65% greater with the addition of TaperGuard cuff technology.
  • Integrated connector - The 15mm connector on the Shiley flexible tracheostomy tubes is now integrated into the outer cannula, which enables ventilation with or without an inner cannula.

More About Kendall Shiley Flexible Tracheostomy Tube?

Skin Care
May reduce the risk of skin breakdown

  • Flange material €” The flange features a transparent, soft material designed to conform to the patients clavicle to help reduce the risk of skin breakdown.
  • Flange windows €” The central portion of the flange has windows designed to improve airflow to sensitive skin. It is offset to help reduce contact with the patient€™s skin.

Trachea, Lung Protection, and Weaning
Help Protect the Lungs

  • Taper-shaped-cuff €” With the TaperGuard cuff, the tube reduces fluid leakage by 99%.
Help reduce impact on the trachea
  • Wall pressure €” The tube exerts 18.6% less lateral wall pressure on the trachea.

Help reduce the work of breathing

  • Increased airflow €” Airflow around the outer cannula when the cuff is deflated has increased by an average of 242%.
  • Work of breathing €” Improved airflow may reduce the work of breathing required to speak and wean from a tracheostomy tube.

Other Features
  • New material €” Shiley tracheostomy tubes are now manufactured with a non-DEHP plasticizer.
  • Reusable inner cannula €” May be cleaned and reused up to 29 days for same patient use.

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