Monaghan TruZone Peak Flow Meter
Monaghan TruZone Peak Flow Meter

Monaghan TruZone Peak Flow Meter

Brand/Manufacturer: MONAGHAN MEDICAL

Monaghan TruZone Peak Flow Meter (PFM) makes it easy to monitor peak expiratory flowrates at home for both pediatrics as well as adults. The small size and shape enhance portability and ease of use. The unique logarithmic scale allows the peak flow meter to be used in low-flowrate conditions (pediatrics) or for standard flowrates. It features clear body for easy reading of flow rate.

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Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
96510 60 LPM to 800 LPM Each $0.54
96510 60 LPM to 800 LPM 10/Case $5.10


  • Monaghan TruZone Peak Flow Meter measures peak flows from 60 lpm to 800 lpm at fastest speed at which air is forced out of your lungs after taking a deep breath
  • Helps detect changes in airways that could signal a worsening of symptoms or an improvement in breathing for people with respiratory conditions such as asthma or emphysema
  • Comes with our ColorZone tape system that helps to make asthma management easy, identifying zones without calculations
  • No cumbersome calculations, just apply the unique ColorZone tape and zones are instantly and accurately established
  • ColorZone tape also allows the use of an additional fourth zone to help better manage your asthma patients
  • Internal indicator and fixed ColorZone tape deliver tamper proof peak expiratory flow readings and reliable zone settings
  • Clear chamber design (actual size) assures users of cleanliness
  • One size fits all
  • Weight: 33.1gm

More Information

  • Directions for use:
    - Gently Shake the TruZone peak flow meter (PFM) vertically, until the yellow indicator has been reset, resting within the diamond near the mouthpiece
    - Take as deep a breath as possible
    - Put the TruZone PFM mouthpiece into your mouth, and seal your lips
    - Repeat steps 2 through 4 as many times as instructed by your physician or health care professional
    - Look at the number on the scale beside the yellow indicator
    - Record this number in the space provided in your TruZone PFM daily record
  • The Daily record included is sized to match to the numbers on the TruZone PFM. Once you take a reading all you have to do is lay the TruZone PFM next to the daily record and mark your result. It is as easy as that.

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

question image
Should it be in the Yellow??
Gloria Mitchell - 7/2/2020 12:21:43 PM
question image
If the Monaghan TruZone Peak Meter is used 3 times a day, when will this peak meter needs to be replaced or can it be used indefinitely?  Thank you.
Jean Carlson - 7/31/2017 3:20:25 PM
answer image
Yes you can use this as many times as you can, provided it should be cleaned once in a week. Please see the video on our product page for usage and cleaning instructions.
Customer Care - 8/7/2017 6:02:23 AM
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