Pari SmartTouch Pediatric Vortex Masks
Pari SmartTouch Pediatric Vortex Masks

Pari SmartTouch Pediatric Vortex Masks

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Pari SmartTouch Pediatric Vortex Masks is used for Voltex Valved Holding Chamber. Using this mask will focus the medication from the metered dose inhaler to make using the MDI more effective. This is meant for infants between the ages of 1-2 years old.

Pari SmartTouch Pediatric Vortex Masks Highlights:

  • SmartTouch masks
  • Child friendly character masks
  • For ages 1 to 2 years child
  • Interchangeable with the Vortex holding chamber

How to use Pari SmartTouch Pediatric Vortex Masks?

  1. Setup: Firmly attach your mask to the mouthpiece of your Vortex Non Electrostatic Holding Chamber.
  2. Taking a Treatment: Refer to your Vortex Non Electrostatic Holding Chamber Instructions for Use for proper Vortex setup and operation.
  3. Cleaning: Clean mask one of these easy ways:
    - Wash with warm water and liquid dish soap. Allow to dry, then store.
    - Place in a dishwasher basket and place on the top rack of a dishwasher. Remove and store when cycle is complete.
  4. Disinfecting: Clean as described in number 3 above. For low-level disinfection every other treatment day, soak mask in a solution of 1 part distilled white vinegar and 3 parts hot tap water for 1 hour. You can substitute respiratory equipment disinfectant (like Control III) for distilled white vinegar (follow manufacturer(s) instructions for mixing). Rinse mask thoroughly with warm tap water and allow to dry before storing. The mask can be disinfected by boiling in a clean pot of water for a full 5 minutes. Hospitals and clinics can sterilize by autoclaving (a maximum of 277° F or 136° C), follow autoclave manufacturers instructions. Dry on a clean, lint-free cloth, then store.

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