Precision Medical PowerVac Aspirator
Precision Medical PowerVac Aspirator

Precision Medical PowerVac Aspirator

Brand/Manufacturer: PRECISION MEDICAL, INC
  • Made in USA

Precision Medical PowerVac Aspirator is used to supply a continuous vacuum source, within the stated operating vacuum range. It features a dual protection system that consists of a float shut-off in the canister lid and an Inline Hydrophobic filter to prevent back flow of fluid as well as airborne contaminants from entering the pump. It has a unique, moveable canister holder which allows the caregiver to rotate the canister to either side of the unit for better placement near the point of use.

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PM61 15-7/8"L x 7-3/8"W x 10-1/8"H (40.3cm x 18.7cm x 25.7cm) Each $16.05


  • Precision Medical PowerVac Aspirator includes:
    - Hospital grade power cord
    - 2000cc canister with lid
    - Adjustable canister holder
    - Hour meter
    - Protective filter
    - Durable infection control frinedly housing
  • ABS plastic cabinet is durable, attractive, easy-to-clean and infection control friendly
  • Safety is assured with the automatic resetting thermal limit switch which prevents the unit from overheating
  • High performance 1/5 horsepower pump delivers 0 to 26"Hg (0 to 660mmHg)
  • Compressor shelf is powder coated and durable
  • Pole, base arms and casters are smooth
  • Assured with the automatic resetting thermal limit switch which prevents the unit from overheating
  • Click here for User Manual

More Information

  • Operating Instructions:
    - Place Aspirator near a properly grounded electrical receptacle on a table, floor or other horizontal, smooth, hard surface. Allow a minimum of 4 in (10 cm) clearance on all sides to ensure adequate air flow for cooling of Aspirator.
    - Ensure the On/Off Switch and Selector Knob are in the OFF position.
    - Ensure the Inline Hydrophobic Filter is properly connected to the vacuum port on Suction Canister lid.
    - The Inline Hydrophobic Filter prevents liquid from entering the vacuum pump.
    - Plug the Aspirator into a properly grounded receptacle.
    - Press the On/Off Switch to the On position.
    - Block the patient connection on the Suction Canister and adjust the Vacuum Control Knob to the desired vacuum.
    To INCREASE vacuum - Turn knob CLOCKWISE
    - Vacuum should be set as prescribed by your Physician or Healthcare Professional.
    - Connect one end of Patient Suction Tubing to the port on the Canister marked Patient Tubing.
    - Connect other end of Patient Suction Tubing to suction catheter and begin procedure as instructed by Healthcare Provider.
    - When procedure is completed, press the On/Off Switch to the OFF position.
    - DO NOT overfill the canister.
    - Empty the Suction Canister as follows:
    - Disconnect all suctioning tubing.
    - Remove the canister from its bracket and empty as instructed by your Physician or Healthcare Professional.
    - Replace Suction Canister and reconnect all suctioning tubing.
  • Cleaning and  Maintenance:
    - The Inline Hydrophobic Filter cannot be cleaned. If it becomes contaminated or clogged, it must be replaced.
  • To replace Inline Hydrophobic Filter:
    - Disconnect filter assembly from Suction Canister and remove Suction Canister from the Aspirator
    - Remove filter assembly from the Aspirator
    - Dispose of filter
    - Install new filter (Part 1690) and reconnect tubing and elbow
    - Tubing is single patient use only. DO NOT clean
  • Cleaning for Exterior Components:
    - Disconnect the Aspirator from power source and other connections before cleaning
    - Use a cloth or sponge dampened with soap and water
    - Wipe dry with a clean cloth or paper towel
    - Store the Aspirator in a clean area free from grease, oil, and other sources of contamination


Length: 15.9" (40.3cm)
Width: 7.4" (18.7cm)
Height: 10.1" (25.7cm)
Unit Weight: 21lb (9.6kg)
Motor120VAC, 60Hz, 5Amps
Operating Vacuum Range0-622.3 mmHg (0-24.5 inHg)
Horsepower1/5 Horsepower
Storage Conditions
Temperature: -4°F. to 104°F. (-20°C. to 40°C.)
Humidity: Max 95% Non-condensing
Operating Temperature Range50°F. to 104°F. (10°C. to 40°C.)


3 year warranty

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