Salter 8900 Series Disposable Small Volume Jet Nebulizer With Supply Tube
Salter 8900 Series Disposable Small Volume Jet Nebulizer With Supply Tube

Salter 8900 Series Disposable Small Volume Jet Nebulizer With Supply Tube

Brand/Manufacturer: SALTER LABS (SA)
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Measure your peak flows and save yourself from an emergency room visit!

Salter 8900 Series Disposable Small Volume Jet Nebulizer is a versatile, high performance jet nebulizer which delivers reliable aerosol therapy and is ideally suited for hospital or home therapy. Works great in ventilator circuits. Larger surface area provided by unique convex cone design for maximum capillary action to eliminate medication waste. Features removable green convex cone which is easy to see.

Benefits of Salter 8900 Disposable Nebulizer

  • Simplifies tube attachment
  • Easy to see, and allows for thorough jet cleaning and reassembly
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • One-eighth turn screw on cap
  • Removable green convex cone
  • Variety of uses: Hospital, Clinic, Skilled Nursing Facility, Homecare
  • Latex free

Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
8906-7-50 With Pediatric Elastic Headstrap Style Aerosol Mask Each $0.05
8900-7 With Anti-Drool "T", Mouthpiece, 6" (15.24cm) Reservoir Tube Each $0.05
8900-7 With Anti-Drool "T", Mouthpiece, 6" (15.24cm) Reservoir Tube 5/Pack $0.21
8900-7-50 With Anti-Drool "T", Mouthpiece, 6" (15.24cm) Reservoir Tube 50/Case $2.22

Why Choose Salter 8900 Jet Nebulizer?

  • Nebulizes 3cc within 7 minutes or less at 7 LPM, when held in a horizontal or vertical position
  • Allow patients to comfortably take their medication without much hassle
  • Larger surface area provided by unique convex cone design maximizes dispersion and minimizes medication waste
  • Scalloped, bottom cuff design simplifies attachment to the compressor
  • Anti-drool “T” design helps prevent contamination from patient saliva
  • Salter 8900 Nebulizer is designed to reduce nebulized medication delivery times
  • Allows patient to be in a comfortable position for their treatment
  • Provides a leak proof seal
  • Maximum capillary action eliminates medication waste
  • Disposable Nebulizer and single patient use

Know Your Salter 8900 Jet Nebulizer

Salter Jet Nebulizer

What to buy with Salter 8900 Nebulizer?

How to use Salter Disposable Nebulizer With Mouthpiece?

  • Firstly you need to assemble hand-held nebulizer that holds the medication during treatment and turns it into a fine mist, T-adapter, plastic mouthpiece through which the medication mist is delivered, 6-inch corrugated tube and 7-foot long air supply tube.
  • Pick up the hand held nebulizer with one hand grasping the clear bottom section of the unit.
  • With your other hand grasp the top opaque part of the nebulizer and rotate the top in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • The top will disengage from the bottom. Set the top aside.
  • Make sure that the green funnel-shaped cone is securely in place in the bottom of the nebulizer unit with the small end of the cone facing up.
  • Hold the bottom of the nebulizer in one hand. With your other hand add your medication as directed by your healthcare provider into the cup along the side of the green cone.
  • Try to add the medication along the side of the cup to prevent it from going down the hole in the green cone.
  • Now replace the top of the nebulizer to the medication cup and then rotate the top in a counter-clockwise direction. The top will engage the medication cup.
  • If you are planning to use a mouthpiece to take your aerosol treatment first attach the T adapter to the nebulizer by inserting the outlet on the top of the nebulizer to the inlet port on the T-adapter. This is the opening with three plastic rings.
  • Now slide the T adapter firmly onto the nebulizer.
  • Connect one end of a six-inch corrugated tube over the smaller diameter end of the T-Adapter.
  • This tube stores excess aerosolized medication between inhalations to minimize medication waste and to improve the effectiveness of your treatments.
  • Place the round end of the mouthpiece into the other end of the T adapter.

How to use Salter Jet Nebulizer With Aerosol Mask?

  • Pediatric and Adult Aerosol Masks attach in the place of a mouthpiece, T adapter and corrugated tube to the handheld nebulizer.
  • If you will be using either an adult or pediatric aerosol mask for your treatment assemble your nebulizer and connect it to the compressor as previously discussed.
  • Connect the mask to the nebulizer by sliding the inlet port on the mask into the outlet on the top of the nebulizer.
  • Your nebulizer mask assembly is now ready for use.
  • Simply turn on your compressor. After a few moments, your compressor and nebulizer will be delivering a fine mist which you will inhale to get the medication deeply into your lungs.
  • When using a mask for treatments you can hold it up to your face with one hand placing it securely over your nose and mouth and inhale deeply.
  • Hold your breath for several seconds and exhale slowly.
  • Continue this until there is no liquid remaining in the medication cup.
  • Salter Aerosol Masks have a strap which you can place over and behind your head to hold the mask and nebulizer in place during your treatment.

How to Clean Salter Nebulizer?

  • Salter Nebulizer must be cleaned between treatments.
  • To do so, disassemble all the parts.
  • Do not wash or rinse the supply tubing.
  • After taking your nebulizer apart, wash all of the parts in warm soapy water.
  • Rinse the parts in clean water and ensure that all soap residue is removed.
  • Air-dry the parts on a paper towel.

Salter 8900 Small Volume Jet Nebulizer Specifications

Flow Rate

Particle Size (microns)

Test Specifications: Were performed at 50psi source pressure with 0.9%NaCl. Particle size distribution measured by QCM Cascade impactor

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

question image
how many times can this nebulizer be used before disposing
Bruce High - 11/14/2016 3:54:40 PM
answer image
Use a separate, clean Salter 8900 Series Disposable Small Volume Jet Nebulizer for each medication.
Customer Care - 11/23/2016 6:33:34 AM
question image
CAROL BERGER - 12/30/2015 11:44:04 PM
answer image
Thank you for reaching out to us. The video in the product will help you resolve your query. Salter 8900 Series. Hope that helps.
Customer Care - 8/6/2020 2:32:20 AM
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