Salter Clear Oxygen Supply Tubing
Salter Clear Oxygen Supply Tubing

Salter Clear Oxygen Supply Tubing

Brand/Manufacturer: SALTER LABS (SA)
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Salter Clear Oxygen Supply Tubing is intended to provide an additional length of tubing between the oxygen source and nasal cannula or oxygen mask. It features a unique ribbed body end fitting that allows easy connections. Innovative connector design has ribbed end piece with rounded, tapered edges. It attaches easily to fittings and reduces entanglement with furniture.


  • Salter Clear Oxygen Supply Tubing virtually eliminates "torque" or pull on cannula
  • Oxygen supply cannot be occluded or interrupted
  • Will not coil-up on floor
  • More aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy attachment to all fittings
  • No square edges
  • No "memory", clear tubing
  • When uncoiled, tubing remains straight, allowing for greater comfort and ease of movement
  • Reduces incidence of tripping over tubing
  • Vinyl material with sufficient clarity to view patency
  • Designed with "Ribbed Body" to permit easy gripping when making connections
  • Rounded and tapered edges to prevent snagging or catching on various surfaces
  • 3 Channel oxygen tubing:
    - Special design has three inside channels that help prevent the tubing from becoming occluded
    - Ideal for home patients where long lengths can cause a potential kinking problem
  • Inner diameter: 3/16"
  • Instructions For Use

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  • How To Use?
    1. Wash your hands. Open the package and remove Oxygen Tubing.
    2. Insert the tapered end of the connector into the Oxygen Tubing end connector.
    3. Insert the other tapered end of the connector into the end connector of the nasal cannula or oxygen mask tubing.
    4. Give the tubing a gentle tug to check for a tight connection.
    5. Attach the other end of the Oxygen tubing to the outlet port on the bubble humidifier bottle or the outlet port on the oxygen device.
    6. Set prescribe liter flow rate. Check for gas flow from nasal prongs or oxygen mask.
    Note: If tubing becomes soiled, wipe down with damp cloth. Do not use any strong detergent, disinfectant or oil-based soaps to clean the tubing.
  • Safety Precautions:
    - Oxygen is a nonflammable gas, but does support combustion. Follow your homecare provider instructions for the care and safe operation of your oxygen delivery system (e.g., oxygen cylinder, oxygen concentrator, liquid oxygen).
    - Do not smoke or allow anyone to smoke around you when oxygen is being used.
    - Keep oxygen tubing at least 6 feet away from flames or any heat source. ≥6 ft
    - Do not use flammable products around oxygen, such as aerosols and cleaning products.
    - The total length the oxygen tubing and nasal cannula should not exceed 57 feet. This is to ensure there is enough pressure to deliver your prescribed oxygen.
    - Do not kink, bend or tie your oxygen tubing.
    - Do not set anything on the tubing that may obstruct flow.
    - Do not place oxygen tubing under blankets, bedsheets, rugs, etc.
    - Keep excess tubing loosely coiled and out of the way to prevent tripping on oxygen tubing.
    - Do not let children or pets play with your oxygen equipment.
    - Keep extra oxygen supplies available for backup.
    - Use oxygen as prescribed by your doctor.
    - Recommend use of a swivel adapter to reduce the possibility of twisting for nasal cannula and supply tubing longer than 14 ft.

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How much is shipping on tubing?
sally hatch - 8/5/2015 3:41:42 PM
answer image
Thank you for reaching out to us. Basic Ground Shipping is $7.99 within USA but may vary as per Ship Via method and Shipping location. You can check shipping amount under Shopping Cart while placing order.
Customer Service - 8/6/2015 12:53:30 AM
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