Salter Style Adult Micro Nasal Cannula
Salter Style Adult Micro Nasal Cannula

Salter Style Adult Micro Nasal Cannula

Brand/Manufacturer: SALTER LABS (SA)
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  • Latex Free

Salter Style Adult Micro Nasal Cannula is used to deliver supplemental oxygen to patients taking oxygen therapy. It has a unique one piece, anatomical design that provides maximum patient comfort by eliminating the flap which can cause irritation. The diminutive size of the micro cannula makes it less visible on the face which can increase patient confidence and compliance.

Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
1616-1 Nasal Cannula With 1ft Supply Tube Each $0.03
1616-4 Nasal Cannula With 4ft Supply Tube Each $0.03
1616-4-50 Nasal Cannula With 4ft Supply Tube 50/Case $1.02
1616-7 Nasal Cannula With 7ft Supply Tube Each $0.03
1616-7-50 Nasal Cannula With 7ft Supply Tube 50/Case $1.20


  • Salter Style Adult Micro Nasal Cannula is used for flows up to 3 LPM
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Made with feather light face piece for comfort and to reduce behind the ear pressures
  • Over-the-ear style head set provides secure positioning, allowing freedom of movement
  • Diminutive, streamlined design and clear material is almost invisible on the skin
  • Unique patented, anatomically correct design provides a natural fit for better comfort
  • Curved, tapered nasal prongs feature better anatomical fit for increased comfort
  • Three-channel, crush-resistant safety tubing for uninterrupted flow of oxygen
  • Also available (sold separately):
    - Salter E-Z Wrap Tube Cushions For Oxygen Cannula (Code 1016-0)

More Information

  • Instructions for Use:
    1. Wash hands. Remove nasal cannula from package.
    2. Attach end connector to oxygen source, e.g., oxygen supply tubing or oxygen flowmeter
    3. Adjust flow control knob to the prescribed liter flow. Check for gas flow from the nasal prongs.
    4. Position the nasal cannula with the nasal prongs facing upward and curved toward the face. Insert the two nasal prongs into the nostrils.
    5. Wrap the headset loop up and over both ears. Alternative placement: Secure headset loop behind head.
    6. Squeeze the sides of the bolo and glide the bolo up under your chin. Leave enough space to fit at least two fingers between the bolo and chin.
  • Care and Cleaning Instructions:
    - Do not sterilize nasal cannula. Do not reuse.
    - Once a day, use a clean damp cloth to wipe off the nasal prongs and headset tubing.
    - Replace nasal cannula once every 7 days. Replace if cannula becomes soiled or damaged.
  • Safety Instructions:
    - Do not allow the patient or anyone around them to smoke. This includes the use of electronic cigerattees, pipes, cigars and cigerattes. Although, oxygen is a non-flammable gas, it does support combustion.
    - Keep oxygen equipment at least 6 feet away from flames or any heat source.
    - Do not use petroleum based products or oil-based creams and lotions in or around the patients nose.
    - Do not use flammable products such as aerosol sprays or cleaning products near the oxygen source.
    - Avoid using electrical equipment that may cause a spark; for example, hair dryers electric razor, and electric toothbrushes.
    - Follow physician prescription for oxygen use.
    - The total length of the nasal cannula and oxygen tubing should not exceed 57 feet to ensure there is enough pressure to deliver prescribed oxygen flow rate.
    - Do not kink, bend or tie the oxygen tubing.
    - Do not place anything on top of nasal cannula and oxygen tubing that could obstruct flow.
    - Keep excess tubing loosely coiled and out of the way to prevent tripping on oxygen tubing.
    - Do not place oxygen tubing or nasal cannula under blankets, bedsheets, etc.
    - Do not let children play with oxygen equipment.
    - Use of swivel connector can help prevent tubing from twisting.

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